Our concussion baseline testing keeps you safe on the field.

We want you to avoid the bench this season. Our concussion baseline testing can make all the difference.

We believe every athlete playing a contact sport (hockey, soccer, football, lacrosse) should have baseline testing completed before the beginning of each season.

Comprehensive baseline testing helps you and your coach know when you're ready to get back in the game if you experience a concussion during the season. Your concussion experience, like yourself, is unique.

What is Concussion Baseline Testing?

Baseline testing is a healthcare exam that tests your brain and balance systems. By having this exam completed at the beginning of the season we can have a baseline to measure any changes during the season.

Let's say you experience a concussion during a game or practice. Sometimes it's hard to know how severe your injury has been. By having this baseline testing completed before your injury, it gives us the knowledge, with a high level of precision, how far off you are from safely returning to the game. We evaluate your brain and balance systems that are affected when you have a concussion against your baseline test results.


What does Baseline Testing Consist of?

We use the latest, tested assessment tools available for evaluating your brain and balance systems. They include the imPACT, SCAT3, and SWAY Balance tests.

The assessment takes approximately 45-60 minutes and at the end of the exam we share your current brain and balance function levels.


What Do I Do if I Have a Concussion?

If you've had a concussion during your season, we're here to help. We developed a specific quick start package for athletes that have experienced a new concussion. It's part of our RecoverNow program for concussion recovery.

To read more about our concussion recovery services, please click here.

Attention Coaches & Trainers

Are you a coach or athletic therapist? We can provide baseline testing packages for your entire team. Please give us a call to discuss a package that meets your needs.