Why Parents Need More than Google for Concussion Education


Written by: Codi Isaac, PT, Concussion Physiotherapist

Date: June 2, 2019

With the increased accessibility to information via Google and social media, it’s easy to get lulled into a sense of complacency around the knowledge we have about certain health conditions.


And to be specific, your knowledge about concussion.

As a parent you may not be too worried right now about concussion.


But your child could get a concussion at any time.


And being prepared with the right knowledge can make all the difference for you and your family.


I’ve met many frazzled parents come to me where they’ve been given inaccurate information about their child’s concussion injury and have unfortunately delayed their recovery. Being armed with the right knowledge could have made their journey a lot less stressful.


I truly believe that equipping yourself with understanding and knowledge before concussion injury is beneficial for so many reasons.


First off, you will be able to choose the appropriate steps if your child has experienced a concussion and make a wise choice regarding the right provider to help guide your child’s recovery.


As well, you will avoid over protecting your child because you’ll better understand the natural recovery for concussions.


As I mentioned earlier, there is a lot of information out there about concussion...some good and some bad.

As a parent, I know  you want to have the best available information. That information should be filtered and informed by clinical experience with concussion recovery.


This clinical experience gives context to the information about concussion which helps it become much more meaningful.


And I've put something together to help parents with getting evidence informed information into the hands of parents

Bite Sized, Education About Concussion Based on Clinical Experience

What I’ve done is put together is I’ve put together a free 7 day email course on concussion.


7 Days.  7 Emails. 2 Minutes Per Day. 


I've put together the most important information that you should know as a parent about concussion for your child athlete. This information is informed by my +10 years treating concussions.


Here's what Kim, family doctor and sports mom, shared about the course:


"I found it concise and helpful. It's simple and easy to understand."


Here are the topics that are covered in my 7 Day email course:


  • Key concussion symptoms and general recovery time frame
  • “On the field” priorities and parent responsibilities
  • Key considerations regarding returning to sport
  • Common concussion myths
  • Concussion prevention strategies
  • Choosing a concussion clinic.


I look forward to having join me on this important education journey about concussion!

Feedback about the Concussion Crash Course...

I found it concise and helpful.  I think the ideal target audience would be coaches and parents.  It’s simple and easy to understand. 

Kim A.
Family Physician and Sports Mom

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About Codi Isaac

Codi has been a practicing physiotherapist for 11 years and is a leading voice in concussion safety and treatment within Alberta and Canada.


She is the owner of Isaac Physiotherapy an Edmonton clinic that specializes in concussion prevention, treatment and sports physiotherapy.


Codi is involved in concussion research and was involved in the development of Physiotherapy Alberta's Concussion Toolkit.


Codi has presented on concussion diagnosis and treatment to a wide variety of health organizations including:

  • Physiotherapy Alberta College + Association
  • Sport Physiotherapy Alberta
  • Sport Conference of Alberta
  • ImPACT lecturer – ImPACT Trained Physical Therapist Instructor
  • Nurse Practitioners Association of Alberta – NPAA Annual Conference 2018
  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association
  • Multidisciplinary Association for the Study of Cranio-Cervical Pain (MASCCP)
  • Society of Alberta Occupational Therapists
  • Alberta Insurance Adjusters Association
  • Peace Hills Insurance
  • Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic
  • Numerous presentations on behalf of sports associations and teams

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