Codi Isaac is a leading voice in concussion safety and treatment within Alberta and Canada. Here is a summary of her involvement in concussion research and education. 


If you are planning an educational event, Codi is available for interactive presentations from 20 minutes to 1 hour with Q&A sessions.

Concussion Research Participation

The Functional Assessment of Balance in Concussion (FAB-C) Battery

Published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy (IJSPT) September 2021, the purpose of this study was to develop and assess the feasibility and construct validity of the Functional Assessment of Balance in Concussion (FAB-C) battery.

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Timelines of concussion symptom recovery and return to participation of patients presenting to a community physiotherapy clinic

Real world concussions, real world recoveries. The purpose of this study is to compare patient demographics, mechanism of injury, time to treatment, changes in total symptom severity, and return to participation, including work/learn and activity rates to recovery time frames. This is to inform research on implementation of evidenced methods in treating those with concussion in community settings.

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The Reliability of Clinical Balance Tests Under Single-task and Dual-task Testing Paradigms in Uninjured Active Youth and Young Adults

Published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy (IJSPT) in August 2020.

When Dr. Thaer Manaseer, PhD, PT, ATC and I first talked about concussion and balance, I knew we had the a great deal more in common than just our passion for concussion recovery. This passion let us banter, sharpen and expand our thinking about the usefulness of balance tests in concussion. We lamented and brainstormed. Thaer planned his thesis around this problem, the goal being a suite of tests that could be used throughout  a concussion timeline, from injury to return to play. I learned much about research process by assisting recruitment, administering the testing and seeing the data take shape. Here is the most recent publication, I’m so glad to have been included in the project.

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AHS Concussion, Pediatric - Emergency

Provincial Clinical Knowledge Topic.

Pediatric concussion is a prevalent and common presentation in Alberta primary care offices and emergency departments. The numbers of children and families seeking care for concussion is on the rise. Year over year concussion reporting in Alberta reveals an increase in diagnosis of concussion in primary care and emergency department settings.

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Evaluating a Functional Testing Protocol for Assessing Balance Recovery at Return to Play following Adolescent Sport Related Concussion

Thaer Manaseer, Doug Gross, Jackie Whittaker, Codi Isaac, Kathryn Schneider

Athletes with a concussion have a higher risk of other injuries after they return to play. This may be due to ongoing balance problems that are not detected. Because of this, we created a new way to assess balance. Our tool may be better at identifying ongoing balance problems. Now we need to test
the new tool. We are looking for children between the ages of 13 to 24 years to participate in a research study. If your child is interested in participating in this study, please contact Thaer at 780-340-4225.

This study is currently in process: UAlberta Study - Pro00077091

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[Stubbornly] Persistent Concussion Symptoms

Codi presented a case study in Pittsburgh called:  (Stubbornly) Persistent Concussion Symptoms and Multimodal Physiotherapy in an Athletic Youth: Case Study 2014.

The case study examined a 17 year-old male hockey player that was hit from the front during a game had a loss of balance resulting in a fall. The case study outlined the multi pronged physiotherapy approach that resulted in his full return to hockey.

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Concussion Management: A Toolkit for Physiotherapists

Project Team: Kathryn Schneider PT, PhD; Codi Isaac PT, MSc PT; Catherine Ross PT, BScPT; Carol Miller PT

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A new Take on Balance Assessment Following a Sport-related Concussion

Thaer S. Manaseer MSc, BScPT, Douglas P. Gross PhD, BScPT, Codi Isaac PT, MScPT, BCom, and Jackie L. Whittaker, PhD, BScPT

Pubished March 8, 2018 in Research in Focus for Physiotherapy Alberta College + Association.

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Concussion Presentations

Codi has presented on concussion diagnosis and treatment to a wide variety of health organizations including:

  • Physiotherapy Alberta College + Association
  • Sport Physiotherapy Alberta
  • Sport Conference of Alberta
  • Sway Medical – Lecturer
  • ImPACT lecturer – ImPACT Trained Physical Therapist Instructor
  • Nurse Practitioners Association of Alberta – NPAA Annual Conference 2018
  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association
  • Multidisciplinary Association for the Study of Cranio-Cervical Pain (MASCCP)
  • Society of Alberta Occupational Therapists
  • Alberta Insurance Adjusters Association
  • Peace Hills Insurance
  • Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic
  • Numerous presentations on behalf of sports associations and teams