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Empower Your Health Journey with Exercise Safe: A 6-Month Program Redefining Wellbeing for Individuals Facing Daily Activity Challenges

What is Exercise Safe? 

At Isaac Physiotherapy, we know how hard exercise can be. But this is where we come in! ExerciseSafe is a supportive, inclusive, and team-based program established to improve everyday function and well-being through educational sessions, and a combination of treatments with the ExerciseSafe team. Whether you have conditions such as POTS, dysautonomia, youth osteoporosis, or REDS.

Exercise Safe is a 6-month program for people with a medical need to have supervised activity and may include kinesiology, psychology, physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and external neurologists, cardiologists, sports medicine, and general physicians. To become eligible for exercise safe, there is a comprehensive assessment that will be conducted to ensure that programming is based on individual problems experienced.

Did you know? People with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) often experience a rapid heart rate that increases by 30 beats per minute or more within 10 minutes of standing.

Discover how our specialized program at Exercise Safe can help manage POTS symptoms and enhance your quality of life.

Unlock Vitality: Discover the Transformative Benefits Exercise Safe Brings to Your Health and Wellbeing!


  • Ensure the patient is sufficiently educated
  • Educational sessions will be held once a month
  • Supportive environment for learning and discussion between the exercise safe team and members
  • Education Includes: Nutrition, Pain Management, Sleep, Mental Health, Exercise/Activity, Interventions/Treatment, Outcomes and Maintenance

    Training & Exercise

  • 1-2 Training Sessions per week (once in person)
  • Patient should perform 2-3 exercise sessions per week total (learning independence with activity is part of the program)
  • Activity/exercise exertion will progress throughout the program
  • Rationale

  • Reframe your fitness, let's ditch the "EXERCISE" blues and embrace the "GET UP AND MOVE" groove.
  • Fuel your fitness journey by optimizing your heart rate for maximum progress and enjoyment.
  • Make exercise FUN
  • Support Teams

  • Family, Friends, Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Kinesiologist, Massage therapist, Acupuncture, General Physician, Cardiologist, and Neurologist
  • Discover Health: Guided fitness, education, and fun tailored for you.

    How Can Exercise Safe Help?

    At Isaac Physiotherapy, we understand how hard exercise and physical activity can be, and the difficulty with sticking to an exercise/activity routine without any guidance. This is why we created the Exercise Safe program which is designed for a wide range of conditions or problems experienced by people that can be approached with exercise and education through a team-based approach at Isaac Physiotherapy. We want to make exercise fun and a part of participants' daily lives.

    The Exercise Safe program includes exercise sessions once per week alongside a trained kinesiologist and/or physiotherapist, as well as further training information and educational sessions.

    To be eligible for the Exercise Safe program, there is a comprehensive assessment that will be conducted before entrance to the Exercise Safe team to ensure that you would benefit from Exercise Safe and, to ensure that programming is based upon individual problems experienced.

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