Duncan Hankinson - Registered Massage Therapist

Duncan graduated from the University of Alberta Business Faculty and, more recently, the MacEwan University Massage Therapy Program. After experiencing a debilitating head injury, Duncan found massage to be intriguing, yet crucial in the recovery process. He has since made massage therapy his passion and platform to help facilitate recovery, health and wellbeing in others. From years of playing high-level football, Duncan brings a team-oriented mindset, collaborating to develop and work towards the goal of the client. Some of the football teams Duncan has played on include: U18 Team North/Alberta, U19 Team Canada and the U of Alberta Golden Bears.

Duncan Hankinson RMT

Duncan now brings his skills, life experience and inquisitive nature to individually treat, optimize and educate clients to suit their lifestyles and abilities. Along with Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and methods promoting relaxation, Duncan is specifically interested in and focused on Myofascial Release (MFR) and Muscle Energy Technique (MET) as these treatment methods are of a gentle, yet effective, rehabilitative nature when addressing pain, soft tissue imbalances and, ultimately, function.

For leisure, Duncan likes to hike, snowboard and read general health and the latest research on technology and neuroscience. He stays physically and mentally active with meditation, yoga and calisthenics. Duncan currently volunteers his time and skills at his former high school football teams.