Acute Concussion Recovery

Our RecoverNow program can assist you if you've had a new concussion or suffering with longer term concussion symptoms.

Whether you’ve experienced a concussion as a result of a car accident, workplace injury or on the playing field, we work right from Day 0 to help you get better. Properly navigating those early days of a concussion can make all the difference to getting you back to what you love. Rather than guessing if you’re concussion has resolved, you can move forward with confidence through specialized guidance, assessment and monitoring provided by our physiotherapists at Isaac Physiotherapy. 
For our athletes we have developed a QuickStart package that provides the necessary elements to getting back to playing safely and confidently. 

Quick Start Acute Concussion Package

Our QuickStart package helps you get back to the game faster. And with more confidence.

We have designed a specialized program to help you recover from your new concussion. Here's what you get:

Priority Access

  • Within 24 hours of your injury, you will be seen by one of our highly skilled concussion physiotherapists.

Thorough Assessment

  • Our assessments include the most advanced concussion testing in the industry including the imPACT, SCAT3, SWAY Balance tests.

Near Daily Re-Assessment

  • You'll have the confidence to know when you should get back in the game reducing your risk of re-injury.

Team Coordination

  • We work with your team coaching staff to get you back to the game when you're ready.

Return to Play Monitoring

  • We monitor your progress when you're back at practice to know that you're ready to give it 100%.

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Persistent Concussion Symptoms? 

Check out our concussion physiotherapy services for persistent (chronic) concussion symptoms. Click here!