Persistent Concussion Recovery

Our RecoverNow program can you if you've had a new concussion or suffering with longer term concussion symptoms.

Custom Concussion Recovery Program

When a concussion takes longer than 10 days to heal, it’s considered persistent (It can be referred to as Post Concussion Syndrome or PCS). Our custom assessment process is designed to help you achieve the results you need in order to feel good again.

Advanced Assessment

  • Our concussion assessments include visual, vestibular and neurological system evaluation
  • We use the most advanced concussion testing in the industry including the imPACT, SCAT3, SWAY Balance tests.

Proprietary Process

  • We have developed a specific concussion recovery process that will help you get better faster...even if your concussion symptoms have been with you for some time.

Proprietary Technology

  • We have developed a thorough vestibular assessment protocol using infrared goggle technology which provides the ability to more accurately view and record physical impairments. This technology enables for more accurate assessment and pinpoints your specific problem areas so you can experience results more quickly.

Coordination with Health Team

  • Whether you've injured your brain in a sports injury, car accident or workplace injury we will work and coordinate your recovery with your other health care professionals.

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Acute Concussion Symptoms? 

Have you had a very recent concussion? Then you'll want to check out our Quick Start Acute Concussion recovery program by clicking here