Concussion Baseline Testing FAQ

We get many inquiries into Concussion Baseline Testing.

Concussion Management is an area that is very important to our athletes and their sporting participation. Managing concussion injuries is something I take very seriously and have been working on for several years now.  There are really several steps to successful management. After baseline testing is complete, suspicious events require the following steps to ensure safe return to sport:

  1. Recognition – on the sideline of possible injury
  2. Removal – from the event for athlete safety
  3. Referral – to qualified professionals for diagnosis
  4. Rehabilitation – appropriate and injury specific, again by a qualified professional
  5. Return to sport – supervised and including coaching staff

We are with your team to support you in all these steps, ultimately ensuring best practice in athlete safety. Baseline testing itself can include many tools and tests. Typically, I customize the package for the team based on their desires and financial commitment. I choose tools vetted with published research to support their use. Testing can be a 2 hour commitment for the team all the way to a 3 hour session per athlete.

Most teams opt for the athlete package:

  1. ImPACT neurocognitive test
  2. Sway Balance + Reaction

SCAT3 is also sometimes requested (for sideline use with qualified team staff) with team staff training.

Please feel free to contact me for clarification, questions comments or customized requests.

Codi Isaac PT
Sport Physiotherapist (cert.)
Isaac Physiotherapy

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