Urgent, in-person treatment available.

Isaac Physiotherapy is in compliance with AHS directives

URGENT cases. In-Person.

  • Avoid Emergency Departments.
    • Dizziness or balance making walking unsafe.
    • Acute Injury Assessments
      •  Concussion
      • Vestibular
    • Severe Pain Management
  • Risk of Hospitalization.
    • Imminent disability
    • Significant fall risk
    • Self-care or care of others (children or elderly parents) jeopardized
  • Recent Surgery or Cast Removal. 
  • Essential Occupation. Not able to work due to:

Web-Health. All other situations. Keep recovery on track even if it is “non-urgent”.
Injury assessments & treatments not needing an emergency room.
We can guide next steps, teach you how to manage your injury, check and progress exercise programs.

    • Chronic pain management
    • Disability program (LTD)
    • Motor vehicle collision (MVC)
    • Gradual return to work program (GRTW)

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