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2020 International Concussion Conference – Abstract Submitted

It takes teamwork. This submission has been a dream for quite a while. We hope to share our experience treating individuals with concussion injuries in a scientific forum. Science and evidence are foundational to what we do. Not only that, but we regularly review recovery timelines and factors that influence recovery. This is how we…

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Urgent, in-person treatment available.

Isaac Physiotherapy is in compliance with AHS directives URGENT cases. In-Person. Avoid Emergency Departments. Dizziness or balance making walking unsafe. Acute Injury Assessments  Concussion Vestibular Severe Pain Management Risk of Hospitalization. Imminent disability Significant fall risk Self-care or care of others (children or elderly parents) jeopardized Recent Surgery or Cast Removal.  Essential Occupation. Not able…

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Isaac Physiotherapy presents in Pittsburgh

Isaac Physiotherapy presented a case study in Pittsburgh called:  (Stubbornly) Persistent Concussion Symptoms and Multimodal Physiotherapy in an Athletic Youth: Case Study 2014. The case study examined a 17 year-old male hockey player that was hit from the front during a game had a loss of balance resulting in a fall. The case study outlined the multi pronged physiotherapy…

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