Codi Completes Prestigious Duke University Vestibular Course

On August 14, Codi received confirmation from Duke University that she successfully completed Duke University’s Vestibular Rehabilitation Competency Based course.

I highly recommend this globally recognized advanced vestibular course.

Course Description: “This intense, evidence-based, six-day course is designed for physical therapists, occupational therapists and MDs with experience treating patients/clients with vestibular deficits.  The course consists of lecture and laboratory sessions with additional self-study sessions.  All participants will be expected to demonstrate assessment skills to the faculty including: oculomotor examination, with emphasis on the identification of nystagmus and canal involvement, balance, gait, fall risk and functional assessments.  Participants will also be expected to demonstrate appropriate treatment procedures for BPPV affecting posterior, anterior and horizontal canals for both cupulolithiasis and canalithiasis, for unilateral and bilateral peripheral vestibular disorders, and for central vestibular disorders including traumatic brain injury and stroke.  Emphasis will be on utilizing assessment results to develop an effective treatment plan.  The course will include written, video and practical examinations.  It is recommended that participants have experience treating people with vestibular deficits and/or have completed a previous vestibular course.” – Duke



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