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As a competitive athlete who has experienced concussion, I have – at times – been frustrated with the lack of a simple test to: 1) determine whether a concussion injury is present, and 2) when it is safe to return to play. Not only is this frustrating for me when I am injured and pushing to return to my team, my practices, and my normal lifestyle; it is frustrating to watch my teammates and friends attempt to hide their symptoms to stay on the healthy roster, or struggle to know when they have healed from their injury. We all know that concussion injuries should not be taken lightly, after all it is an injury to the brain – one of the most important organs in the body.

This is why I think that Isaac Physiotherapy’s involvement in the study, Evaluating a Functional Testing Protocol for Assessing Balance Recovery at Return to Play following Adolescent Sport Related Concussion (UAlberta Study – Pro00077091), is extremely exciting! The goal of this study is to develop a better way to test concussion and determine when it is safe

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for an athlete to return to play. Working with Thaer S. Manaseer, Isaac Physiotherapy is helping test a new balance assessment that incorporates sport specific movements, instead of the usual static and other simple balance tests. The hope is that this new balance assessment tool will be more sensitive to disturbances in an athlete’s stride and gait caused by concussion. Being one of the clinic data collection points is very exciting because this research project has the potential to change the way concussions are treated in clinics and on sidelines.


If you are interested in participating in the study, 13-18 year old athletes who have returned to play from a concussion are needed! If you would like more information or would like to enroll complete the online consent, email or call 780-952-4323.

-Calla, University Student Athlete

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